A Word From Our Pastor

IMG_3200Brother Lamar Clarke was saved in a Revival meeting at Faith Missionary Baptist Church when he was 25 years old. His wife, Peggie, was also saved the same night. At 32 years old, Brother Lamar answered his call to preach and soon after began preaching at the West Georgia Boot Camp every Sunday morning. Brother Lamar loved this ministry and had the opportunity to witness to and lead 6,500 young men to Christ! Brother Lamar preached at the West Georgia Boot Camp for 12 years before it was shut down because of funding. Brother Lamar said “I want to be clear that leading those souls to Christ was not of me, but only by the grace of God”. He is thankful that God gave him the opportunity to meet so many young men and to be able to witness to them.

Brother Lamar was the Youth Leader at Faith Missionary Baptist Church for many years and he enjoys working with the youth! After nearly 20 years of being a member of Faith Missionary Baptist Church, God called Brother Lamar to Mt. Zion Baptist Church in 2010. He says:

“I am just an ‘ol sinner saved by God’s wonderful grace. I am nothing without my Savior and Lord, and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve Him daily. My goal for Mt. Zion is that I would, by the grace of God, make an impact on the community God has placed me in. My goal is to lead those who are lost to Christ, encourage those in need, and lead others to have a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It has been the joy of my life to serve the Lord over the past 20 years.”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Brother Lamar, he would love to speak to you! He can be reached at (770)687-4352, or visit in service on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am, Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm, or Wednesdays evenings at 7:00 pm.